Manou Bendon Artist


entrepreneur, innovator, artist and maker

manou-bendonAfter completing a BA in Media Production and then a MA in Design & Digital Media I went on to have a 10 year career working in digital media. I built and coded some ground breaking video streaming websites pre youtube days for customers such as ITV, EMI records, RSPB and the Sir David Frost.

In the later years I became interested in Open Source technologies and created some online e-commerce stores for myself and clients. I’m still a co-owner of and

It was in this period of my life that I began researching “guerrilla marketing” as means to promote the online shops. I came across a technique called “reverse graffiti”. A cool, ecological way to advertise on the street ticked the eco-punk in me.

I immediately purchased the domain name and built a simple page thinking I would do this for myself and anyone else whilst trying to get my shops going. Little did I realise that the phone would soon ring with customers asking me to do campaigns for them.

Producing work on the street as opposed to the computer was an exciting change. I swapped my mouse for a lance and a spray can. I rebranded my company website from a digital agency to an innovative marketing agency. Media Gang became the framework in which I could develop other non-traditional means of communicating to people outdoor’s.

Within a short period of time, I began making artworks using unusual methods of creation.  From large scale arial artworks on the side of hills to clean art, stencil art and 3d anamorphic art.  Please browse my portfolio page to see some examples of my work.

If you would like to contact me regarding commissions, I’m currently based in Hackney London and happy to meet up or email via my contact page.